Certificate in Network Engineering & Architecture

Certificates » Network Engineering & Architecture
Program Features
  • Case studies in media design and TCP/IP addressing/subnetting, basic network security perimeter configuration (ACLs/filtering), VLANs and VLAN trunking
  • Hands-on labs on frame relay, TCP/IP and router configuration
  • Completion of a technically viable, manageable and cost-effective network design
  • Completion of a complex multi-protocoled bridged and routed LAN/WAN project
Who Should Apply
  • Computing, IT, network and telecommunications professionals
  • Individuals involved in the engineering, design, development, planning, administration, operation and management of data
  • Students who have taken Networks & Networking Foundations 
Advance your skills in the specialized field of network engineering by building on your knowledge of network architectures, protocols and standards concepts. Acquire the latest in-depth technical training on advanced technology integration via local area networks and wide area networks. Learn how to select and manage vendors, and study the network design and engineering skills required to support network environments.
Key Outcome
You will be able to design and manage computer networks using the latest concepts, techniques and tools essential to the operation of most businesses.
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