Certificate in Python Programming

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Program Features
  • Development of Web applications
  • Real-world programming problems and examples
  • Creation of Web applications using contemporary Web application frameworks
  • Development of a portfolio and completion of a substantial and original software development project
  • In-class consultations of student work in progress
Who Should Apply
  • Novice Python programmers who want to improve
  • Programmers of other languages who are seeking an alternative
  • Programmers, developers and system administrators
  • Staff who maintain and provide computing services for researchers
  • Scientists in data analysis and experiment control
  • Students who have taken Introduction to Programming & Application Development 
Study Python's versatile programming language, which is suitable for projects ranging from small scripts to large systems. Learn best practices such as version control, unit testing and recommended styles and idioms. Explore Python's large standard library that supports many common programming tasks.
Key Outcome
You will gain a fundamental understanding of programming in Python by creating a variety of scripts and applications for the Web and for systems development.
Start Location Program ID Status
Autumn 2014  Details Details Downtown Seattle 4640
Course Dates Days Instructor
Programming in Python Sep 30 - Dec 9, 2014 Tu Barker
Internet Programming in Python Jan 13 - Mar 17, 2015 Tu Ewing
System Development with Python Apr 7 - Jun 9, 2015 Tu Barker
Winter 2015  Details Details Bellevue 4841
Course Dates Days Instructor
Programming in Python Jan 15 - Mar 19, 2015 Th TBD
Internet Programming in Python Apr 2 - Jun 4, 2015 Th TBD
System Development with Python Jun 18 - Aug 27, 2015 Th TBD
Winter 2015  Details Details Online 4846
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Program Highlights
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Alumni from three UW certificate programs – in Java, Python and Ruby programming – discuss the importance of developing coding skills, what they learned in the programs and how the experience benefitted their careers.