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Certificate in Translational Pharmaceutics

Approved by the Department of Bioengineering 

Certificates » Translational Pharmaceutics
Program Features
Who Should Apply
  • Professionals who work in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Professionals interested in pharmaceutics, drug development and manufacturing, clinical trials and translational research
  • Professionals involved with the design, development, manufacturing and sales of drugs
Discover how a drug moves from the laboratory to the clinic. Learn the science and techniques behind drug development across the phases of translational pharmaceutics. Study the principles of pharmacokinetics to test the effectiveness of a drug in laboratory settings, and explore how clinical trials are designed and managed. Investigate how to optimize drug formulation, scale up manufacturing processes and produce biologics and designer drugs.
Key Outcome
You will have a fundamental understanding of how to take a pharmaceutical agent through the steps of development, enabling you to effectively bridge the gap between the laboratory and the clinic.
Start Location Program ID Status
Autumn 2016  Details Details Downtown Seattle/Online 5227 In Development
Autumn 2015  Details Details Downtown Seattle/Online 4511 Closed
Course Dates Days Instructor
Applied Pharmacokinetics Sep 30 - Dec 18, 2015 Tu, Th Kelly
Process Development Jan 4 - Mar 18, 2016 Tu, Th Laursen
Formulation & Delivery Mar 28 - Jun 10, 2016 Tu, Th Nehilla
Clinical Development Sep 29 - Dec 15, 2016 Tu, Th Wong
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