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Advancing Into an Effective Guardianship Practice

Course Description

Choose from two continuing education programs for Certified Professional Guardians: a 24-credit-hour classroom/online course and a 6-credit-hour classroom seminar. Both programs are available in either Bellevue or Spokane.

Overview of the 24-Credit-Hour Course

Professional guardians, and those associated with guardians, will gain advanced learning in areas that have been known to present challenges, including communication and conflict resolution, cultural competency, court reporting, accounting, resource access and client advocacy. Learn about the topics through in-person and online lectures, guest speakers, readings and videos. Apply your learning through assignments and get feedback on your work. Many of the lessons will feed into the creation of a policy and procedures manual that can be used in your practice once the course is complete. This blended course begins with a full-day classroom seminar in Bellevue or Spokane and is followed by 18 hours of self-paced online coursework.

You will earn 24 credit-hours of CPG Continuing Education, satisfying the full education requirement in the ethics, general guardianship and emerging issues categories set forth by the CPG Board for the current two-year period.

Overview of the 6-Credit-Hour One-Day Seminar

This one-day classroom seminar in Bellevue or Spokane is the first module of the course described above. The seminar covers methods for identifying and discussing cultural differences and integrating them into the client’s care plan; effective systems for a CPG practice, with emphasis on auditable accounting; and new or recently changed Standards of Practice.

You will earn 6 credit-hours of CPG Continuing Education: 4 emerging issues credits and 2 ethics credits.

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