Certificate in IT Foundations

Develop Your Technical Knowledge and Update Your Skills


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  • Location: Bellevue, Downtown Seattle, Online
  • Duration: Varies
  • Times: Evenings, Flexible
  • Cost: $949 (per course)

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Every Quarter

About this Program

As technology becomes increasingly dominant in the modern workplace, updating or expanding your technical abilities can be a great career move. Acquiring additional IT skills and experience will make you more competitive in the job market and increase your chances for promotion and higher compensation.

This certificate program offers courses in a variety of fundamental areas of the information technology field. Each course enables you to develop your knowledge of a particular discipline, delving into essential tools and technologies that are integral to many IT positions. You’ll enhance your skills, become better able to communicate and work with IT professionals, and possibly take the first steps toward joining their ranks.


Professionals looking to move into IT or to acquire fundamental technical knowledge and skills. These courses can also serve as preparation for our more advanced tech certificate programs.

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Video Overview

Instructors detail the knowledge that students gain in the program and how it can help them advance their current career or move into a new field.

Duration: 02:36


The courses in this program cover a wide variety of topics. What you’ll learn depends on which courses you take, but the topics can include: 

  • Hand-coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Fundamentals of web technologies, browsers, networking and virtualization
  • How to manage relational databases and write basic SQL queries
  • Important techniques for application design and development
  • Essential concepts of the C#, .NET and Python programming languages
  • Diverse algorithms and data structures


What you’ll do in this program depends on which courses you select. The activities can include:

  • Create a complete website from scratch and publish it online
  • Practice C# programming skills using Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework (free downloads)
  • Program using the Python language
  • Translate business requests into database queries and apply them to real datasets
  • Explore, build and optimize different programming algorithms and data structures


You must complete three courses to earn the certificate (see Program Overview). After you complete your final course, you can get your certificate by submitting a request form.

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Program Overview

You can start with any course and take the courses in any order. You must complete three of the five courses to earn the certificate, as detailed below. 


You should register for all courses individually; there is no application process for the certificate program.

Programming Courses
(must complete at least one for the certificate)

Foundations of Programming (C# and .NET)

Foundations of Programming (Python)


Core Course
(required for the certificate)

Algorithms & Data Structures


Elective Courses
(must complete at least one for the certificate)

Foundations of Databases

Foundations of Web Design & Development