Certificate in School Library Media Endorsement

Manage a Powerful, Top-Notch School Library


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  • Duration: 13 months
  • Cost: TBD

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About this Program

There are no future offerings scheduled for this program at this time.

One of the most vital skills that schools must impart to today’s students is information literacy — how to find, evaluate and apply different types of information in navigating the world. A well-trained teacher librarian plays an essential role in developing their students’ ability to perform these tasks.

In this certificate program, you’ll learn how to establish, manage and sustain a cutting-edge school library. We’ll explore strategies for creating a versatile information and technology program that fosters a strong reading and information literacy culture at your school. You’ll discover best practices for collaborating with other teachers to improve student outcomes. Hone your leadership skills and prepare to play an important role at the building and district level. 


Certified K-12 teachers seeking a school library media endorsement.

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What You'll Learn

  • Ways a quality library information and technology (LIT) program helps support your school’s faculty and mission
  • Theories, processes and practical applications of information literacy with an emphasis on school library media resources and services
  • Methods for the development and management of library collections in school libraries and other institutions
  • Principles and standards for the creation of catalogs and cataloging records
  • Techniques used in website development and maintenance, technology instruction and collaborative technology tools

Get Hands-On Experience

  • Develop familiarity with the latest technology and learn how it can bolster instruction and library administration
  • Complete course projects using HTML and Web authoring tools such as Wordpress, Weebly and Google Apps

Qualify for the endorsement

This program fulfills the educational requirements for a K-12 library media endorsement in Washington state and Alaska. The coursework may also be applied to requirements in other states; students are responsible for checking into endorsement requirements in their particular state.

Earn Credit Toward Your Master's Degree

By completing this certificate program, you can earn credit toward degree requirements should you later be accepted into the Master of Library & Information Science. To use these credits, you must obtain graduate nonmatriculated status before you register for the first course of the certificate program.

Study in a highly ranked program

The UW Library and Information Studies program is ranked second in the country, according to ratings compiled by U.S. News & World Report.

Program Overview

Complete the courses listed below to earn the certificate. You may be able to take individual courses without enrolling in the certificate program; check the course pages for details.