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Aircraft Composite Tooling


Course Details

About this Course

This is the third course in the Certificate in Aircraft Composite Materials & Manufacturing. Utilizing knowledge of materials and manufacturing gained in the previous courses, focus your learning on aircraft composite tooling methods. Develop understanding of the key differences between metal and composite tooling and learn to identify specific tool types used in composite manufacturing. Examine typical materials used and their basic properties. Analyze primary issues in tool design and identify key criteria in tooling material selection. Gain knowledge of common issues in secondary process tooling and assembly tooling. Benefit from the experience of an instructor team representing academia and industry. 

Topics include:

  • Metal panel layup tooling (tools made of invar, steel, etc.)
  • Composite panel layup tooling (tools made of composite materials)
  • Layup tools used for automated layup (automated fiber placement and automated tape laying)
  • Layup tools for internal composite structural parts
  • Layup tools for dealing with trapped volume conditions
  • Interiors tooling
  • Trim tooling for composite parts
  • Assembly tooling for composite structural assemblies

Program Overview

To earn this certificate, you must complete the first two courses and either the third or fourth course.


You may be able to take individual courses without enrolling in the certificate program; check the course pages for details.

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