Cloud Architecture for Amazon Web Services


Course Details

About this Course

This course introduces the features of AWS that make it a popular platform for organizations to deploy applications. Students will be introduced to the AWS building blocks, gain hands-on experience with core services, and study differences in the cloud such as security, roles and responsibilities.

Topics include:

  • Definitions of cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Connecting to AWS: choices and implementation
  • Network implementation and patterns
  • Overview and use of AWS services: computing, storage and content delivery, databases, networking, administration and security, analytics, application services, deployment and management, mobile services
  • Principles of modern software architecture and implementation: load balancing and fault tolerance, databases, synchronization
  • Security and deploying compliant applications, certifications and accreditations, data backup and replication, defense in-depth
  • Future trends in cloud computing

Program Overview

This course is part of the Certificate in Cloud Application Development on Amazon Web Services.