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Design & Analysis of Aircraft Structures I


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Modern Aircraft Structures.

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About this Course

This course will strengthen your foundation in the fundamentals of classical aerospace thin-wall structural analysis, energy and computational methods. You’ll investigate various types of external and internal loads, research configuration and load paths, and  recognize the importance of idealization and when a linear analysis is appropriate. You’ll also study materials, design values and material selection and gain an understanding of finite element method (FEM) theory and applications as used in the aerospace industry. You’ll also learn about the evolution of design philosophy, design concepts, and design drivers and explore the building block approach to validation and certification.


  • Design philosophy, requirements and validation
  • Materials, design values and material selection
  • Analysis of thin-walled structures
  • Buckling and crippling
  • Finite element method (FEM)


You'll engage in hands-on airplane component design and analysis projects.

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