Foundations of Algorithms & Data Structures


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  • Location: Downtown Seattle
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Class Times: Evenings
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June 29, 2017

This course is part of a certificate program. You can also take it without enrolling in the program.

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About this Course

Algorithms and data structures are the essential frameworks for solving almost any computer engineering problem. A fundamental grasp of these tools is key to helping you understand how computers and programming languages work and what makes a specific solution the optimal one. There are many algorithms and data structures in the modern software engineer’s proverbial tool belt: languages, frameworks, libraries and more. Choosing the right approach for a particular problem and forging an effective solution hinges on in-depth knowledge of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

In this course, you’ll examine, create, compare and test the major types of algorithms and data structures. We’ll cover how to optimize the skills you’ve already mastered and how to create more advanced tools as necessary. Learn to think like a computer scientist, and take an engineering approach to solving complex problems.


Beginning programmers who want to deepen their knowledge, and those who want to take more advance programming courses and pursue a career in software engineering.

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  • Key algorithms: loops, sorting, conditionals and recursion
  • Different varieties of data structures: arrays, HashMaps, linked lists and trees
  • How to select the right tool for a particular problem
  • Techniques for developing different solutions for the same problem


  • Build complex data structures from scratch
  • Create complex algorithms
  • Practice interviewing for programming jobs, including mock interviews with local tech professionals

Program Overview

You can start with any course and take the courses in any order. You must complete three of the five courses to earn the certificate, as detailed below. 


You should register for all courses individually; there is no application process for the certificate program.

Core Course
(required for the certificate)

Foundations of Algorithms & Data Structures


Programming Courses
(must complete at least one for the certificate)

Foundations of Programming (C# and .NET)

Foundations of Programming (Python)


Elective Courses
(must complete at least one for the certificate)

Foundations of Database Management

Foundations of Web Design & Development

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Attend class in person at one of our convenient locations. You’ll engage face to face with your classmates and instructors as part of a highly interactive curriculum. An online learning management system may be required to access some course materials and assignments.


Our special blended programs combine the convenience of online study with the vibrancy of in-person classes for a unique learning experience.

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Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, which allows you to participate in class activities, assignments and discussions on your schedule, from anywhere. Experience cutting-edge technology and a supportive, diverse learning community.

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