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Fundamentals of Business Administration II (ADMIN 510)


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Business Administration.

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About this Course

This course, a continuation of Fundamentals of Business Administration I, focuses on the essentials of business operations.

Topics include:

  • Accounting: Learn about financial statements and how they’re created
  • International Business: Understand the keys to success in an increasingly global business world
  • Business Law: Explore contracts, intellectual property rights and the laws that affect business
  • Finance: Understand business financing, stock markets, bond markets and the methods for presenting information to show returns on investment
  • Negotiation: Discover methods that result in win-win negotiations with suppliers, customers and even your manager
  • Business Planning: Work with a team to build out a real business plan of your choice. Start with a marketing plan and explore how you’ll operationalize it, including delivery and service processes, technology, employees, management teams and forecasted financing needs

Note: You must take Fundamentals of Business Administration I along with this course to receive academic credit.

Program Overview

We offer this program in two formats: an accelerated classroom program that features two courses over five months, and an online program that includes five courses over nine months. Students cannot combine or switch between the two program formats.

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