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Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting (ACCTG 225)


Course Details

This course has no current offerings.

About this Course

Managerial accounting refers to the ways an organization’s managers use accounting information to make business decisions. This course covers the analysis and evaluation of this information, a key part of the planning, controlling and decision making process. You’ll learn about different types of economic decision making in enterprises, and how enterprise managers use accounting data to maximize firm value and reach organizational objectives.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Accounting & Financial Reporting (ACCTG 215) and Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 200).

Designed For

Anyone seeking to become a professional accountant, including those preparing to take the CPA exam and those planning to apply to the Certificate in Accounting

What You’ll Learn

  • Ways managerial accounting differs from financial reporting
  • How to describe, calculate and assign manufacturing overhead to particular jobs and production units
  • Methods for conducting cost-benefit and cash-flow analyses to optimize project portfolios in the face of resource constraints
  • Techniques for computing variable and fixed manufacturing overhead variances
  • How to prepare master budgets and the merits of a flexible budgeting process

Earn Academic Credit

By completing this course, you can earn undergraduate credits. Learn more about credit options.

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