Introduction to Accounting & Financial Reporting (ACCTG 215)


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About this Course

The practice of accounting goes back thousands of years, and directly affects individuals, not-for-profit organizations, large corporations, government agencies and many other entities. It has implications for almost every profession, and gaining a basic understanding of accounting and financial reporting principles can help you become a better strategic thinker, leader and decision maker.

In this course, you’ll get an introduction to financial reporting, the method by which companies report their financial performance to outside stakeholders. We’ll explore how specific financial events are processed, conveyed and interpreted by producers and users of the reporting output. Throughout the course, we’ll take the perspective of the outside potential investor (equity) and creditor (debt), who are considering an investment based on the financial information provided. 

Designed For

Anyone seeking to become a professional accountant, including those preparing to take the CPA exam and those planning to apply to the UW Master of Professional Accounting program.


  • Theoretical underpinnings of accounting
  • Fundamental operations of the accounting mechanism
  • The process of creating aggregated financial information, from transaction to published financial statements

Earn Academic Credit

By completing this course, you can earn undergraduate credits. Learn more about credit options.

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