Nonfiction Writing: Story


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About this Course

There is a huge market for true stories, but a story never magically appears on the page in whole cloth. Writing involves a process, from idea generation to revision. How do you find a subject? How do you know if that subject is worth writing about? Do you need an outline, or can you figure out the story and structure through the writing process itself?

In this course, we’ll examine the many possibilities of the nonfiction form, from journalism to creative nonfiction in both short- and long-form narratives. Once you’ve chosen the form that best fits your ideas, you’ll produce a draft, and together we’ll wrestle with the best plan for revision. We’ll also cover how to become a stronger reader as you explore finding your own unique voice.

Designed For

Those interested in developing and honing a nonfiction story from beginning to finished draft.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to unlock the secrets to effective narrative reporting and to crafting transitions and endings
  • Techniques related to word choice, imagery, rhythm, cadence, humor and other literary elements
  • Methods for revising your work and giving constructive feedback to others
  • Issues of libel, privacy and ethics in reporting and writing
  • How to research writing markets, choose your target publications, and approach the submission process

Get Hands-On Experience

You’ll develop two nonfiction pieces to add to your professional portfolio.