Practice-Based Coaching II: Positive Behavior Support (EDC&I 496)


Course Details

This course has no current offerings.

About this Course

This is an online course, with a one-day, all-class, real-time online session and nine self-paced online sessions. 

In the one-day real-time session, you'll further develop your coaching practice with greater emphasis on overcoming challenges related to behavior change. You and your peers will participate in a deep dive on the process of positive behavior support and how Practice-Based Coaching can facilitate the client's use of this process.

After the one-day session, you'll continue to follow the same approach and learning activities in the online portion as described in Practice-Based Coaching I. Remaining sessions rely on self-guided slide presentations, interactive discussion forums and active use of the Coaching Companion website. You'll engage with your peers to reflect on and analyze your coaching practice, as well as to weave into your practice the foundational skills introduced during the one-day session.

Video-recorded assignments will continue to be a critical element of the course as a means of supporting self-reflection, assessment and feedback from instructors and peers.

You can expect to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) and Targeted Social Emotional Supports
  • Identify how to effectively coach a client on Targeted Social Emotional Supports through a full rotation of the Practice-Based Coaching cycle
  • Explain why social awareness is important in coaching relationships
  • Demonstrate coaching skills that are essential to becoming a competent, culturally responsive coach
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