The Science of Decision-Making for Leaders (COMMLD 510)


Course Details

About this Course

Introducing a new technology solution to your organization requires leaders to make strategic and equitable decisions. But as a leader, you must first understand of the needs of your employees, customers and stakeholders.

In this course, you’ll assess emerging technologies and trends through the lens of decision-making. You’ll study strategies for evaluating whether a technology solution is worth pursuing and what data you need to help make that assessment. We’ll discuss how to synthesize and interpret all our data so we can make sound decisions with it. And you’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls that can lead to problematic decisions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Behavioral and social science principles that lead to decision-making, including heuristics, game theoretic models, network effects, institutional constraints, and cultural and social norms
  • How to uncover drivers of decision-making in your target audience, including their needs, concerns, biases, identities and values
  • How to make ethical and clear decisions around the adoption and deployment of new technology solutions at your organization or in your community
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