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Strategy & Marketing (ADMIN 511)


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Business Administration.

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About this Course

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:


  • Analyze the attractiveness of the external business environment and the internal resources and capabilities of an organization to make important strategic decisions
  • Formulate a strategy for an organization (or a business unit) to compete effectively in a complex business environment
  • Describe the cause-and-effect relationships between strategic decisions, strategy implementation and business unit/organizational performance over time
  • Recognize when an organization needs to change its strategy and describe the process that should be employed to drive that change


  • Understand the marketing environment, customer needs and behavior
  • Comprehend and apply marketing decisions regarding product/service, pricing, place, promotional strategies and promotional tactics
  • Develop an ability to analyze marketing problems and to apply marketing concepts, tools and techniques to solve specific enterprise problems
  • Apply information about emerging issues in marketing, including digital media, globalization and socially responsible marketing practices in analysis and recommendations

Topics of law and globalization will be interwoven into each section of the above learning objectives as appropriate.

You’ll demonstrate these skills through a series of experiential learning environments, including case studies, online simulations and discussions. If you opt to complete the Business Plan practicum, you’ll develop a product or service concept and develop a strategic positioning and marketing plan for the business.

Program Overview

We offer this program in two formats: an accelerated classroom program that features two courses over five months, and an online program that includes five courses over nine months. Students cannot combine or switch between the two program formats.

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