Restricted Operations Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

For the safety of our community, UWPCE has restricted operations due to the coronavirus outbreak.

For more information, see our FAQ

FAQs: Coronavirus Impacts

FAQs: Coronavirus Impacts

In response to the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak facing our community, UWPCE continues to make adjustments to operations. Below are some frequently asked questions about classes, online learning and more. We'll continue to update this page with the latest information available.  

Spring Quarter & Remote Learning

I registered for an in-person class for spring quarter. What’s happening to that class? 

Most in-person (classroom) courses are moving online for spring quarter. Those classes will meet using Zoom video conferencing software. A small number of classes may need to be postponed. More information will be available soon.

What’s Zoom online learning like?  

Zoom is easy-to-use video conferencing software that runs in a web browser. Your class will meet in real time at its regularly scheduled time. Just like an in-person class, your class will include lectures, learning activities and discussions. 

To learn more, watch this video about using Zoom for remote learning at the UW. To get a sense of how you would access your Zoom course, see instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting.  

My class is already online. will there be any changes to that? 

No. If your class is already in an online format, there will be no changes to delivery or schedule. 


Is the registration office open? 

While our physical registration office at Roosevelt Commons is closed, our registration staff is still available to process your registration. You can register by email, phone, mail or fax

Deferrals, Refunds & Extensions

I’m not sure I can start my program spring quarter. Can I defer?

Yes. If your program is offered just once a year, you can defer once to the next offering. If your program is offered more than once a year, you can defer your start one time. You must start within the following three quarters. For more information, see Deferrals.

What's your refund policy?

Given the circumstances, we have adjusted the refund policy for UWPCE certificate program and single courses. You can get a 100% refund through the eighth calendar day of the course. To drop the course and get a refund, email and include your name, student ID number and course name.

For refund deadlines for degree courses, see the drop dates on the UW Academic Calendar.

I’m having difficulty completing my course. What’s your policy on extensions?

We’ve adjusted our incomplete policy for noncredit courses for winter and spring quarters. See Incompletes.


How can I find out more about UW’s response to the coronavirus outbreak? 

Keep an eye on UW's coronavirus facts and resources page for updates.  

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