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For the safety of our community, UWPCE has restricted operations due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Meet the Instructors

Christopher Hanson

Chris Hanson is a structural designer at the Boeing Company. As an associate technical fellow in Boeing’s Commercial Aircraft 777X organization, Hanson is a recognized expert in the design of composite structure, especially focused on optimization, CAD modeling and design/build coordination. He has developed and taught courses on these subjects to educate engineers on numerous commercial and defense aircraft programs and as part of the Boeing/University of Washington certificate program. 

A graduate of Cornell University, Hanson has more than 30 years of structural design experience and has applied his expertise to aircraft programs ranging from the 737, 757, 777, 787 and various defense-related projects. He is currently working to bring lessons learned and updated design methods from the 777X and 787 to Boeing’s next commercial airplane programs.

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