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For the safety of our community, UWPCE has restricted operations due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Meet the Instructors

Dror Berel

Dror Berel enjoys analyzing and exploring data, especially using his favorite open-source tool: R. With a background in statistics and biology, he was an early adopter of R and started using it nearly 18 years ago; he's thrilled to see how it's grown since then. With work experience in biostatistics cores at several medical research institutes, he gained experience in collecting and analyzing clinical and public-health data, communicating it with collaborators and publishing at peer-reviewed journals. 

At Fred Hutch, Berel specializes in analyzing multi-assay genomic data for translational research and biomarker discovery. His mission is to bridge the gap between biologists, clinicians and statisticians to develop statistical framework that integrates clinical and genomic data and informs clinical decision-making in a way that improves health outcomes, value and quality in health-care delivery. 

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