Meet the Instructor

Jana Harris

Jana Harris is a novelist, short story writer, poet and essayist. She teaches creative writing at the University of Washington and at the Writer’s Workshop in Seattle. She’s also editor and founder of Switched-on Gutenberg, one of the first online poetry journals of the English-speaking world. Her most recent publications are You Haven’t Asked About My Wedding or What I Wore: Poems of Courtship on the American Frontier (University of Alaska Press) and the memoir Horses Never Lie About Love (Free Press, Simon & Schuster).
Harris’ other books of poetry include Oh How Can I Keep on Singing? Voices of Pioneer Women (Ontario Review Press); The Dust of Everyday Life: An Epic Poem of the Northwest (Sasquatch Books); and We Never Speak of It: Idaho-Wyoming Poems, 1889–90 (Ontario Review Press). Harris is also the author of two novels, Alaska (Harper & Row) and The Pearl of Ruby City (St. Martin’s Press). She lives with her husband on a farm in the Cascade mountains.

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