Meet the Instructors

Jason Tsang

Penetration Tester, Security Consultant and Security Researcher

Jason Tsang is a penetration tester, security consultant and security researcher. He has extensive experience in penetration testing of various cloud infrastructures, Web applications, programs and services, physical environments, networks and systems. He also has experience in information security policy development and audit, vulnerability assessments, threat modeling, vulnerability management and risk management. He’s well versed in compliance, such as HIPAA and PCI, as well as industry standards, such as SSAE16 and ISO27001. Additionally, he has experience in software and security tools development as well as exploit development and malware analysis. His experience comes from working with a large variety of clientele in a range of environments, from large corporations to retail, financial institutions, health care and more. In his free time he performs security research, including finding vulnerabilities in existing systems and services leading to responsible disclosure and developing security tools and solutions for existing problems in the industry.

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