Meet the Instructor

Prasad Saripalli

Vice President of Engineering and Analytics, Edifecs

As VP of engineering and analytics at Edifecs, Prasad Saripalli helps define, deliver, run and manage the company’s SaaS to streamline the exchange and processing of health care information in real time, using products rich in analytics. Prior to joining Edifecs, he was chief technology officer and VP of engineering at, which provides military-grade cloud security solutions. Previously, he worked as chief technology officer and executive VP at ClipCard and as chief architect for IBM's SmartCloud enterprise. He also served as principal group program manager on Microsoft's client virtualization team, which was responsible for shipping Virtual PC on Windows 7, and as a dev manager on the Citrix group that built Citrix Presentation Server (now Citrix XenApp).

Prasad has a master’s in computer science from the University of Washington, doctorates in engineering and computer science from the University of Florida and post-doctoral training from the University of Texas.