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New Courses In Change Management & Data Analysis New Courses Help Build Essential Business and Tech Skills
New Courses In Change Management & Data Analysis New Courses Help Build Essential Business and Tech Skills

Kick-start your career in the new year! At UW Professional & Continuing Education, we've got two new courses starting in early 2020, so enroll now and start the year out right. 

Change Management

When:  Apr 1–Jun 10, 2020
Where: Downtown Seattle

Change is the only constant, as the saying goes. But for a business, change can be a bumpy process.

Change management is an approach that leaders use to effectively guide an organization through change. That change could be any number of things —  from adopting new software or processes to taking a whole new strategic direction.

Change management and project management go hand and hand. But while project management focuses on the successful completion of a project, change management drills in on the people side of change, working to ensure that the people impacted are set up for success.

In this course, you’ll learn how to get groups to align on a common vision and goals, how to coach people through the stages of change and how to plan for and mitigate change resistance. Taught by Eric Stewart, the center director of StemTree of Mukilteo, the course designed for project and product managers, human resource managers and others charged with managing people and projects.

“Change management can help managers create a more positive, forward-thinking and adaptable work environment,” said Naomi Bogenschutz, assistant director of academic programs for UW Continuum College.

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Foundations of Data Analysis

When: Jan 25–Apr 4, 2020
Where: Downtown Seattle

Data is not just for data scientists. Professionals in many fields can benefit from knowing how to do basic data analysis.

That’s why the new Foundations of Data Analysis course is open to anyone —  there are no prerequisites.

You’ll learn how to identify a business problem, figure out what data is needed, then analyze and visualize the data using software like Microsoft Excel, SQL and Tableau.

“In the past, data analysis required training in statistics and programming,” said instructor Marcelo Guerra Hahn, a senior manager of engineering at Tableau. “But with the evolution of software tools such as Excel and Tableau, you can learn many of these skills without getting bogged down in the math or code.”  

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