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More Ways to Keep Learning at Your Own Pace We're adding four more self-paced programs for busy professionals
More Ways to Keep Learning at Your Own Pace We're adding four more self-paced programs for busy professionals

In today’s job market, working professionals need to keep learning to stay competitive — but finding time can be tricky. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve developed self-paced learning formats for four additional certificate programs.

The Certificate in Front-End Development with HTML, CSS & Javascript will be available in the self-paced format in June; the Certificate in Editing will be available in October; the Certificate in Digital Marketing will be available in November; and Human Resources Essentials will be available via the self-paced format in January of 2020.

“The self-paced format is very helpful for those who have unpredictable schedules or do a lot of travel,” said Malia Morrison, professional programs director for international and academic programs with UW Continuum College. “In fact, for many of those people, it is the only way they can complete an entire certificate program. We are very excited to have so many programs now available in this format.”

Front-End Development

Adding self-paced options enhances and deepens the certificate experience for programs like the Certificate in Front-End Development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, one of the four new self-paced additions.

“The program continues to be quite popular with students who benefit most from traditional classroom learning and the cohort-based, group-start online format,” said Paula McArdle, the certificate’s program manager. “But by adding a new self-paced section students can start at any time and take an extra month to complete each course and then move through the remaining courses in the program at their own pace.”

Career Accelerator Taking Off

The addition of the self-paced format to these four certificate programs marks them as part of Career Accelerator, a special line of certificate programs with four learning formats designed for working professionals.

As Career Accelerator programs with the self-paced option, these four certificates will give students the chance to quickly build in-demand skillsets across numerous industries.

“Career Accelerator provides us with an opportunity to empower professional learning on a scale not previously available,” said Stacey Fontes, the program manager for the Certificate in Editing. “And the self-paced format is exciting because our program is no longer bound to traditional learning. We can reach a much larger population of learners who may not otherwise have the access to participate.”

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