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Success Stories: Tech Sales Learn how the UW Certificate in Tech Sales helped Billy Rosewarne increase his knowledge and land a new job
Success Stories: Tech Sales Learn how the UW Certificate in Tech Sales helped Billy Rosewarne increase his knowledge and land a new job

Billy Rosewarne worked for several years as a property manager and broker when he decided he needed a change. “I knew I needed a new work life,” Billy said, “but I wasn’t sure what that would be.”

Intending to take a short break to determine his next steps, he quit his job in January 2020. A month later, the pandemic hit, and soon after the world shut down.

Billy was still looking for a new career. He’d taken the UW Certificate in Business Administration in 2016 and had enjoyed the experience, so he decided to look through the UW catalog for new opportunities. After considering several options, he enrolled in the UW Certificate in Tech Sales


Once enrolled in the certificate, it didn’t take Billy long to determine that he’d chosen the right path.

“I was in a room with some of the greatest sales leaders representing some of the hottest brands in software and technology sales, and I knew I’d found my people,” said Billy. “I know that these were the people I needed to be around because their energy makes me come alive.”

Billy’s first class was a high-intensity study of the principles of sales. “What I liked most was the emphasis on human communications,” Billy said. “People can have some negative associations with sales-people, but it’s important to remember that we’re helpers. Relationships matter and transparency and openness are always the best answers when it comes to selling anything.”

Billy’s coursework also gave him a solid foundation in the importance of metrics. “We took a deep dive into the numbers, which is all about how you set, pursue and achieve goals,” said Billy. “I came out of that class understanding the language C-suite leaders use, and I was hungry to get out there and put this knowledge into practice.”

In addition to the coursework, Billy pays tribute to the impact of his instructors. “They gave us unwavering support the whole way through the program. They helped us network and connect and had nothing but our success and best interests in mind.”


As Billy moved into the certificate’s final stages, he combined his newfound skills with his prior experience as a computer skills instructor to land a job in tech sales. He’s currently working as a customer success manager for, a sales and marketing platform.

“My career’s taken a completely different turn since I finished this program,” Billy said. “At this point, I couldn’t be more excited about my future.”

In His Own Words

Alum Billy Rosewarne explains how the UW Certificate in Sales helped him increase his knowledge and land a new job.



“This program was amazingly helpful for me,” Billy said. He noted that it could be an excellent resource for anyone interested in a career in sales.

“This certificate not only gave me a great foundation in the basics of sales, but it also gave me opportunities to have direct conversations with business leaders,” Billy said. “I was able to hear what they wanted and discuss how I might support them. That sort of direct, in-person access isn’t something you can read about in a textbook.”

“Sales is an incredible journey. You always must be on your a-game, and it’s one of those jobs you can always get better at.

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