Aircraft Composite Repair


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About this Course

This is the fourth course in the Certificate in Aircraft Composite Materials & Manufacturing. This final course examines the repair of aircraft composite materials. Featuring a team of instructors representing academia and industry, repair methods and considerations will be taught utilizing practical industry examples. Understand typical in-service damage types, sources and causes for composites and metals. Learn the key differences in damage detection techniques and repair criteria for composites and metals and explore the differences in repair methods for composite and metal structures. Identify advantages of composite bonded and bolted repair methods. Analyze common maintenance issues including paint removal and repainting of structures and bond/ground maintenance.

Topics include:

  • Examples of in-service damage
  • Typical types and sources of damage
  • Damage detection processes
  • Non-structural repair techniques
  • Structural repair techniques
  • Bolted repair methods
  • Bonded repair methods

Program Overview

To earn this certificate, you must complete the first two courses and either the third or fourth course.


You may be able to take individual courses without enrolling in the certificate program; check the course pages for details.