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General Questions

For general questions, contact us during regular business hours. If you have a program-related question, see Enrollment Coaching below.

 Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. (PT)


 Phone: 800-506-1325

Enrollment Coaching

Our enrollment coaches can help you figure out what program is right for you.

New to coaching?

Connect with a coach.


Already have a coach?

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Learn more about what enrollment coaching can do for you.

Current Student Services

If you’re a current student, we’re here for you. Our student support specialists are available to help you navigate issues that may come up during your experience as a student.

 Phone: 800-506-1325


Registration Services

Call or visit us to register and pay for a course. We’re also here to answer your questions about registration and payment.

 Phone: 206-543-2310




Academic Records

Noncredit students: Access your unofficial student record online. Need an official copy for reimbursement or another reason? Get in touch.

 Phone: 206-543-2310




Credit students: Find your unofficial transcript on MyUW or order an official transcript from the Registrar’s office.

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