Why Choose Us

The University of Washington is one of the world’s preeminent public universities. We’re defined by our belief in possibility and our unshakable optimism. Our connection to others, both near and far. Our hunger that pushes us to tackle challenges and pursue progress. We’re defined by our conviction that, together, we can create a world of good.

Through UW Professional & Continuing Education, we break down barriers to make education possible for all types of learners.

We’re for you — the innovators, the career changers, the professionals, the dreamers, the forever curious.


We know you’re busy. You work full time. You have a family. You like to eat dinner and get some sleep. So how do you fit a certificate into the mix?

We’ve got you covered.

We build most of our programs so you attend class just one evening a week for three hours. And we not only offer programs on the UW Seattle campus, we also offer options at our convenient downtown Seattle and Bothell locations. Plus, many of our programs are 100 percent online or a blend of online and classroom, giving you maximum flexibility.

I looked at a lot of boot camps around California and in Washington, but none of them really had the curriculum I was looking for. And the certificate program just made sense; it was long-term, one day a week, so it worked with my schedule.

Bipin Mathew, Certificate Graduate


If you’re going to invest in professional development, you’re going to expect results. We do, too.

That’s why we’re always thrilled to hear from our certificate alumni about how they’ve used what they learned in our programs to advance their careers, launch new ones and achieve goals that had previously been out of reach.

Your success is what keeps us motivated. And we’re motivated. 

"Those nine months completely changed my professional life. Not only did I accelerate my learning by a good three years, I met some amazing colleagues who I'm still friends with today. Since graduating, I've been promoted in my organization and have taken on considerably more responsibility."

Ruth Tollefson, Certificate Graduate

RESUME distinction

The University of Washington has clout. You don’t have to wonder if we’re accredited. You don’t have to worry that we’ll disappear overnight. We’re one of the world’s most distinguished public universities. And we’ve been educating your mentors and capable colleagues for a very long time.

You know it. Your neighbors know it. And your future employers know it, too. 

“Having this certificate on my resume gets me noticed, especially the fact that it comes from the University of Washington. It’s an excellent brand and gets me over the question of, ‘Do you have experience in the digital space?’ It’s almost like I’ve got an endorsement from the UW that says I’m a digital master."

Megan O’Brien, Certificate Graduate

COMMUNITY that makes a difference

Sure, you could Google everything you ever want to know about anything. But how do you know what you need to know?

Our instructors and guest speakers will tell you. They’re working professionals by day, instructors by night. So you'll learn from people who are doing exactly what they’re teaching — all day long before class begins.

And your classmates? Definitely more interesting to brainstorm with than your inner critic. You'll be in the room with like-minded individuals who may become a colleague, a collaborator or even your next best friend.

“I was very impressed with the instructors and the insightful, real-world perspectives they shared from their own careers. And my classmates, too, offered great points of view, adding richly to the experience."

Cynthia Nims, Certificate Graduate
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