Digital Badges

Digital Badges

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You can now earn digital badges in select UW Professional & Continuing Education courses and programs.

UWPCE digital badges help you showcase your University of Washington education and demonstrate your new skills and competencies.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is an online representation of your learning achievements. Here’s how to use your digital badges:

Showcase Your Skills

Post your badge to highlight your skills on social media, career profiles, job applications, resumes and more.

Share a Verifiable Credential

Employers and learning institutions can use your badge’s unique embedded data to easily validate your UWPCE education.

Build a Portfolio

Collect multiple badges to demonstrate your knowledge and professional development as you continue learning.

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Achievement Badges

We offer digital achievement badges for a growing number of UWPCE offerings. The achievement badge means that you met all requirements and successfully completed the program.


Additional Resources

For Prospective Students
Contact Enrollment Services for more information about badge-eligible programs.

For Enrolled Students
For questions about your badges, contact your student support specialist.

For technical support, login to in Canvas or email the Help Desk.

When do I get my digital badge?

Once you successfully complete your course or program, you’ll be notified that your badge is ready to claim.

How do I claim my digital badge?

At UW Professional & Continuing Education, we partner with Canvas for a seamless learning and credentialing experience.

You’ll claim badges you earn through Canvas Credentials. If you need assistance, our support teams are here to help.

How can I use my digital badges?

When you're a student in an eligible UWPCE program, you'll receive detailed instructions about how to share your badges on social media, email and other online platforms.

Using your digital badges online can help you stand out to employers by showing what you learned from a distinguished, accredited public university. Plus, potential employers or managers can view your badge and verify your skills with just a click.

Check out this article about digital credentials to learn more about the power of digital badges.

If I earn a digital badge, will I still get a paper certificate?

If you earn your badge in a UWPCE certificate program or specialization, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion in the mail 8-12 weeks after your program ends.

What’s embedded in a digital badge?

UWPCE digital badges are part of the Open Badges network. Our badges include data and information about your specific program, including when your badge was issued and a digital signature verifying your University of Washington education.

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