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Business Planning Practicum II (ADMIN 515)


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Business Administration.

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About this Course

In this course, you’ll continue to apply what you are learning in other program modules to develop a business plan. This plan can be for a brand-new product or service, a significant expansion of an existing business or the development of a nonprofit organization.

Business plan topics are very flexible. You can work jointly in groups of three to five on a mutually agreed-upon business plan idea or work individually on an idea of your choice.

Because this is a practicum course, you will spend the bulk of your time on the research and development of a real business or nonprofit organization idea. The instructor will serve as coach and provide feedback on the business plans as they are being developed. Your classmates will also provide feedback on your business plan.

During this course, you will continue your business-planning work. Items developed in this course include:

  • An operations plan
  • A technology plan
  • A people and management plan
  • Pro-forma financial projections, including cash flow and income statements
  • Investor’s analysis to identify the return on investment and the risks and rewards for potential business investors
  • The development of a presentation and business plan document for investors and lenders

You will also have a course module on negotiations.

Program Overview

We offer this program in two formats: an accelerated classroom program that features two courses over five months, and an online program that includes five courses over nine months. Students cannot combine or switch between the two program formats.

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