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Design & Analysis of Aircraft Structures II


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Modern Aircraft Structures.

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About this Course

This course examines applied design and analysis of aircraft structures. You’ll study the margin of safety concept and the proper use of local and far-field stresses, as well as failure criteria and interaction method for combined loads. You’ll learn how design values for aircraft structures can be related to coupon allowables or empirically determined based on full-scale tests. We’ll also analyze aircraft element and built-up structures under tensile, compressive, shear and combined loads and scrutinize fasteners, joints, fittings and lugs. Learn fatigue analysis of simple details using classical and BCA approaches. 


  • The margin of safety concept
  • Analysis methods for tension panels
  • Joints, lugs and fittings
  • Compression panels
  • SR and IDT shear beams


You’ll continue work on a design project started in the first course and prepare for preliminary and final design reviews.

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