Social Policy in Early Care & Education (ECE 402)


Course Details

This course has no current offerings.

About this Course

This course seeks to deepen your understanding of contemporary social issues and problems that impact families and young children. We’ll discuss legislation and other policies from a local, national and global perspective. You’ll also explore the complex web of social, private and governmental organizations that impact families and young children.


Professionals and students in the field of early care and education who want to understand how social issues and policies impact young children and families.

What You'll Learn

  • The major social issues and policies affecting families and young children in the United States, including policy content, debates and research
  • How child and family policies in the United States compare to those in other countries
  • The role that social class and ethnic, racial and cultural diversity plays in the formulation and implementation of policy
  • How to analyze and evaluate child and family policies and describe the interrelationship of research, practice and policy
  • Ways to apply your knowledge and views of social issues and policies to your own professional roles and interests
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