Writing Children's Literature: Overview


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About this Course

What was your favorite book growing up? Most writers were first captivated by books in childhood, enthralled by the power of lively characters and a well-told story. If you have always harbored the desire to pen your own book for young readers, this course will show you how to make it happen.

In this course you’ll learn the essentials of writing children’s literature. We’ll explore the genre through fiction and nonfiction, using examples from both the classics and more recent successes. You’ll discover the many formats of children’s literature, ranging from picture books to young adult novels. We’ll delve into the fundamentals of story and help you bring your own ideas and writing to life.

Designed For

Those interested in writing and publishing fiction or nonfiction for children and teens.

What You’ll Learn

  • Elements of craft critical to good storytelling, including character, plot, voice, setting and conflict
  • Techniques to discover and develop story ideas
  • How to critique writing for children

Get Hands-On Experience

You’ll draft a picture book or chapter of a novel for young readers.