Meet the Instructor

Solveig Whittle

Solveig Whittle is an independent marketing consultant, public speaker and blogger. She works with a range of clients, from musicians to small businesses and tech startups, helping them develop and implement marketing, social media and content plans. She has built her own unique social media and personal brand from the ground up in a few short years. 

During her 20-year career in the telecommunications and software industry, Whittle did everything from programming to product management and marketing communications. A skilled communicator and team facilitator, she is also a K-8 certified elementary teacher who believes in the experiential model for lifelong learning.  Whittle completed the UW Certificate in Social Media Technologies & Implementation program herself in 2012 and went on to join the UW as a teaching assistant in the program; she enjoys having seen both perspectives. Whittle holds a degree in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Chicago.