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Meet the Instructors

Summer Rae Elasady

Summer Elasady is a bioinformatic scientist who’s been working in the software industry for more than a decade. She sold her first database-driven software company at the age of 26 and was then hired to manage the fraud detection team for She’s spent the past three years using Python, PySpark, R and SQL to improve alignment algorithms for de novo transcriptome assembly and analysis in the HHMI-funded Baumann Lab and for creating a Hadoop-based genome warehouse system for the Institute of System Biology's Schmulevich Lab. She currently works at the Altius Institute in Seattle, where she uses Python and R to improve pipelines and analysis algorithms for drug-targeting research. 

Prior to working with UW Professional & Continuing Education, Elasady designed training courses for professional software companies including and MyProcess and taught undergraduate courses at the University of Oregon. She’s a member of the Puget Sound Python Programming group and has helped designed STEM courses for Washington high schools as a fellow for the Washington Alliance for a Better School System. She’s passionate about teaching Python and making the STEM fields more accessible. Elasady earned a Teaching Excellence Award in both 2017 and 2018 for her work with certificate programs. 

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