Bridging the Worlds of Health Care, Business and Technology New certificate program helps business and tech professionals explore the health care industry
  • June 12, 2017
Bridging the Worlds of Health Care, Business and Technology New certificate program helps business and tech professionals explore the health care industry
  • June 12, 2017

Health care is an enormous and rapidly growing industry, accounting for almost 18 percent of the U.S. economy. It’s a field with immense career potential, and not just for people in traditional medical roles.

Today, many business and tech professionals are looking to the health care industry for job opportunities and startup ventures. But the complexities of this field — special terminology, regulations, technologies and other factors — can make the transition a challenge.

To help interested professionals explore this convergence, we’re launching a new intensive Certificate in Health Care Marketplace & Technology this fall.

Creating New Opportunities

Leasa Lowy

“An ideal candidate for this program will be someone with either a business or tech background who is interested in a career expansion into the health care space,” said Leasa Lowy, program director. Lowy is a practicing physician with nearly 30 years of experience, as well as a consultant to a number of health care startups.

“The certificate will also appeal to entrepreneurs who don't necessarily have a medical background but want to learn how to launch new ventures within the health care industry,” she added.

Learning From the Experts

The program will feature instructors and guest speakers who are experts in the field. That includes specialists in IT, compliance, devices, medical records and legal issues, along with high-level executives and top entrepreneurs.

Because many of the program’s instructors currently work in health care, the curriculum will reflect the latest developments in this fast-paced industry, which is constantly evolving as technology and policies change. The program will also benefit from the resources and expertise of the UW School of Public Health.

Plotting a Career Path

The certificate, which can be completed in just one quarter, includes a mini-capstone project that lets students investigate a specific type of professional role. Students will target a particular job description and interview people working in that area, developing their knowledge of the field and expanding their professional network.

“The capstone is an in-depth exploration and creation of a job vision of where the student would like to be,” Lowy said. “They’ll map out a pathway to get there and do some intense networking with those working in the field.”

As Lowy noted, the program is also well suited for entrepreneurs looking to enter the health care industry. “Students will learn what it’s like to start your own company,” Lowy noted. “They’ll see what other innovators have done, how they got funding and built their business plan, and how to pull a multi-disciplinary team together.”

Exploring More Ways to Keep Learning

In addition to our Certificate in Health Care Marketplace & Technology, we offer a wide variety of other certificates, degrees and courses in the health care field and related disciplines. Check out our full list of health care, biotechnology and social services programs and find one that can help you boost your career.

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