Coronavirus Update

For the safety of our community, UWPCE programs will be taught remotely for the 2020-21 academic year.

For more information, see our Coronavirus FAQ

Application Deadline

The program begins in March 2021. We are accepting applications submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 12, 2021. We will consider applications received after that date if space is available.

Application Steps

Step 1: Gather the following materials

  • A brief letter (250-word maximum) that describes your relevant experience, transferable skills, knowledge of the field and commitment to professional growth
  • A resume that highlights how your education and any applicable experience fulfill the program’s admission requirements
  • College transcript from the institution (including the UW, if applicable) where you earned your highest or most pertinent degree. Unofficial transcripts, including photocopies, are acceptable. A bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year institution is required.  

Step 2: Apply

Complete your application and submit your letter and resume online, along with your $50 nonrefundable application fee.

Please email your transcripts to

After Applying

We'll notify applicants about their acceptance status starting Monday, February 22, 2021.

If you’re accepted, we’ll send you details about your first-term course, including information on how to register and pay your course fees. Payment is due no later than two days before your first class.

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To apply, you must have: 

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Completed college-level coursework in English composition and/or oral communication (non-native speakers can submit English proficiency scores in place of coursework)
  • Relevant skills, including the ability to work independently, manage projects, remain objective, attend closely to detail and be proficient with modern office technology

Also Recommended

  • Professional or  technical writing experience
  • Strong understanding of English usage and grammar
  • Comfortable working with others and contributing to discussions

Transfer Requirements

This program allows students to apply a limited number of transfer credits from similar programs. Credit transfers are subject to these restrictions:

  • No more than 15 quarter credits/CEUs or their equivalents (see the chart on page 22 of the American Bar Association guidelines) can be transferred
  • No online course credits can be transferred

To successfully transfer credits, a student must:

  • Provide an official transcript showing a grade of a B or better in the course(s)
  • Provide a syllabus or similar comprehensive summary of the course(s) being transferred
  • Provide proof that the course(s) were taken in the classroom (rather than online)
  • Indicate whether the college is approved by the Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) program or the American Bar Association (at least one is required)

We reserve the right to accept or reject transfers based on how closely the transferring course(s) match our course offerings.

English Proficiency

If English is not your native language, you should have advanced English skills to enroll. To learn more, see English Language Proficiency Requirements – Noncredit Programs.

International Students

To enroll, international students must have a visa that permits study in the United States. This program does not enable students to obtain or maintain F-1 visa status. For more information, see Admission Requirements for International Students.

Technology Requirements

  • Access to a computer with a recent operating system and web browser
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Headset and webcam (recommended)

Earning the Certificate

You earn the certificate by adhering to the program's attendance policy and successfully completing all required courses. For more information, see Earning the Certificate.

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