Basics for Computational Linguistics


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Natural Language Technology.

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About this Course

Computational linguistics builds on the theory and practice of multiple fields (linguistics, computer science and statistics) to design computer applications that involve the automatic processing of natural language speech or text by machines. This course is intended to reinforce the most important skills from contributing disciplines to prepare such students for further study in computational linguistics.

Topics include:

  • UNIX and server cluster usage
  • Probability and statistics (random variables and random vectors; conditional, joint and marginal probabilities; the chain rule; Bayes' rule; independence and conditional dependence)
  • Formal grammars and languages (Chomsky hierarchy, regular expressions and regular languages, context-free grammar and other grammar formalisms)
  • Finite-state automata and transducers
  • A quick review of algorithms and data structures
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