Educational Programming in a Museum


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This course can only be taken as part of the Certificate in Museum Studies .

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About this Course

Explore the history and types of education in the museum world. Learn how to motivate children and adult learners with curricula that is impactful and aligns with the mission of the museum. Develop strategies for planning and managing new program development and docent training. Understand how to assess the needs of your audience and evaluate the impact of your educational programming. Expand your competency in museum outreach through interactive assignments that include conducting an interpretation exercise, evaluating museum educational program offerings, brainstorming an immersive learning experience and developing a docent training plan. As a final project, students will propose a museum educational program.

Topics include:

  • Educational program areas in museums
  • Learning styles and theories
  • Children’s programming; working with teachers and content standards
  • Creating powerful curricula
  • Docent training and instruction
  • Interpretation and interactivity in art museums
  • Program evaluation and assessment