Food & Culinary Science (NUTR 441)


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  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Times: Flexible
  • Cost : $1,320

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June 23, 2025

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About this Course

This course studies the scientific principles behind modern culinary techniques, with emphasis on sensory evaluation, nutrient quality and health. Students will need access to a home kitchen with basic appliances and tools to complete the in-home laboratory experiences and to a digital camera to upload photos of experiment results in order to complete course assignments. This course takes significant time to complete the in-home laboratory experiences. Some course lab assignments require cooking and tasting foods that contain dairy, meat, poultry, eggs and gluten products but accommodations may be possible for students with dietary restrictions.

This course is offered during UW Summer Sessions. It meets the food science (with lab) prerequisite course requirement for the UW Graduated Coordinated Program in Dietetics (GCPD).

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Online Asynchronous

Enjoy the flexibility of asynchronous learning with the structure of a regular course. With no real-time meetings, you’ll complete weekly assignments and interact with your class at times that work for you. Learn More »

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Online Asynchronous

Closed Sessions

This course is offered 100% online and runs from June 17, 2024, to August 16, 2024.


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