Writing & Publishing the Personal Essay


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This course has no current offerings.

About this Course

What is a personal essay, and how do you write one in a way that engages your reader? In this course, you’ll learn the careful art of crafting  a compelling  personal essay.

We’ll work our way through each essential phase of the process: generating topic ideas, developing a first draft, revising and editing, and submitting for publication. Together we’ll explore the thriving market for personal essays and analyze the various outlets for your writing. Guest speakers from online and print publications will offer strategies and insider tips for pitching and submitting your work.

Designed For

Those interested in crafting personal essays and getting them published.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to shape a basic concept into a viable essay subject
  • Effective types of essay structures
  • How to collect and apply feedback in the revision process
  • Ways to foster relationships with and pitch your work to editors
  • Techniques for navigating the process of selling and promoting your work

Get Hands-On Experience

  • Develop a solid draft of your personal essay
  • Craft a pitch letter that you can send to editors and publishers