Meet the Instructor

Alif Laila Tisha

Assistant Professor of Business, North Seattle College & Lecturer, University of Washington

With a unique combination of expertise in organizational strategy, neuromuscular diseases and ethics, Alif Laila Tisha has excelled in various data-driven roles in education non-profits and artificial intelligence (AI) health-tech companies.

Alif Laila Tisha is also a passionate educator, having won several teaching awards and successfully executed projects to improve accessibility to math education and physical therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Alif Laila Tisha's academic research focuses on creating data-driven solutions to social justice issues. She particularly focuses on how cultural and gender norms shape the experiences of underrepresented groups in their struggle for social power and how big data drives this experience.

As an advisory board member for UW’s Data Visualization and Foundations for Data Analysis courses, Alif Laila Tisha hopes to incorporate ethics into the curriculum so that future data scientists and entrepreneurs can think critically about how data impacts society.

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