Meet the Instructors

Andrew Dumont

Founding Partner, Curious Capital

Andrew Dumont is an experienced marketing executive with more than 10 years in digital marketing. Currently, he leads an early-stage venture capital fund that’s focused on funding PNW-based technology companies. Previously, Dumont worked as the chief marketing officer at Bitly, a New York–based company that powers links on the web. Prior to joining Bitly, he worked as an entrepreneur in residence at Betaworks, a startup studio that’s invested in companies like Tumblr and Kickstarter and created companies like Giphy and Chartbeat.

Since the age of 18, Dumont has been building and growing companies like Moz, Seesmic (acquired by Hootsuite), Stride (acquired by ProsperWorks) and Tatango. He's worked across all areas of the marketing funnel, from awareness through retention, with a heavy emphasis on B2B and consumer internet. Forbes named him one of 30 innovators under the age of 30, the United Nations appointed him an entrepreneurial delegate, and he's spoken around the globe on all digital marketing topics. Dumont has a bachelor's degree in business from Western Washington University and received his executive education at Stanford University.