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Meet the Instructor

David Julian

David Julian is an impassioned photographic artist who creates commissioned works for clients in editorial, corporate and entertainment markets. His work has appeared in CA, Print, Nikon World, Audubon, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Islands, FujiLove and in many other magazines, books and podcasts on culture and the arts. He’s also known for his unique and inspiring workshops, which he’s held in mainland U.S. locations, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, India and now annually in Cuba. Julian is also active in the industry, having established relationships with Wacom, OneOne, Maine Media Workshops and as a Fuji X Delegate photographer.

Julian holds a BFA in communications design from Pratt Institute in New York and has been teaching photography since 2001. His teaching method seamlessly blends technical knowledge with artistic creativity and vision. He has a patient, intuitive teaching style, and enjoys helping others reach their creative goals. Peek into his world at, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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