Meet the Instructors

Denekew Jembere

Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft 

Denekew Jembere has more than 15 years of experience as an enterprise architect and software engineer at global technology companies and is currently a principal software engineer and data scientist at Microsoft. At Microsoft, Jembere designs and develops machine learning (ML) model-enabled systems. He also provides technical leadership and guidance to teams involved in ML and data analytics projects executed to generate proactive and reactive business insights.

Jembere obtained his Ph.D. in data science specialization from Northcentral University in July 2022. With a deep background in data science and big data analytics, Jembere has mentored numerous junior data scientists to improve their data analytics and big data processing skills through coaching strategies that addressed uneven skill sets in project teams. In addition, Jembere has more than five years of higher education teaching experience and has taught statistics and advanced mathematics courses at Jimma University, Ethiopia.


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