Meet the Instructor

Eduardo Reif

COO, Jump On Languages

After 15 years building products at Amazon, Eddy Reif now spends his time building his family business and sharing his experience with others. Reif began his career at Amazon as a senior product manager for consumer electronics and grew to lead several high-impact projects. He was responsible for launching Kindle content internationally, re-inventing the supplier experience to increase selection for global retail and launching Prime delivery benefits in four countries.

In his last role, Reif was the general manager of the data collection program at Prime Air, which is critical to building AI algorithms for autonomous drones. Now, as the COO of Jump On Languages, Reif is a true entrepreneur, wearing many hats and leading marketing, finance and technology to make language and culture education accessible to everyone. Reif likes to spend his spare time with his two kids coaching their soccer team, taking them skiing and on bike rides. He holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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