Meet the Instructors

Ernst Henle

Program Manager, Predixion Software, Inc.

Ernst Henle focuses on data access, data flow and data processing strategies and is now the program manager for a predictive analytics platform. As a biophysicist, Henle has used physics, chemistry and math to solve problems in medical research. As an experimental scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, he facilitated his research with his own code for hardware interfaces, novel analyses and computational models. Later, he joined Silicon Valley startups to develop software for bioinformatics, digital pathology and image analysis and continued these endeavors at Merck and Microsoft, where he devised algorithms for pharmaceutical research. 

His previous experience includes work as an experimental scientist at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; his a focus was on free radicals, antioxidants and aging. He's spent time as a software development engineer at BioImagene, Merck and Microsoft, where he focused on algorithm development, image processing and bioinformatics. He was also a data scientist at Microsoft and Predixion, where his work focused on data flow, workflow, business intelligence and predictive analytics.