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Meet the Instructor

Hany SalahEldeen

Hany SalahEldeen is an applied machine learning scientist at Microsoft who works in the conversation and language understanding group as a part of Cortana. Before that, he was on the Time Intelligence team, which is a part of Outlook. SalahEldeen has worked in machine learning, information retrieval, data mining and modeling for more than nine years. He has a bachelor's in computer systems engineering, a master's in computer vision and artificial intelligence and a Ph.D. in computer science. 

SalahEldeen's doctoral research centered on the field of information retrieval and social media mining with a focus on modeling users' behavioral patterns, the concept of user intention in sharing resources and its relation to information dissemination, preservation and discovery. He also taught several classes in web mining, machine learning and programming, and he is a published author. 

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