Meet the Instructors

Jorge Russo dos Santos

Jorge Russo dos Santos is originally from Portugal. After studying engineering in college, he started working for Microsoft in Dublin, Ireland, where he was the localizer of the first server operating system localized into European Portuguese. The job started his career at Microsoft and in the localization industry, where he progressed to the role of a software engineer and later project manager working across software and content.

Russo dos Santos relocated to Microsoft's Seattle-area headquarters in 2003 and continued to work for Microsoft until the mid-2010s. At Microsoft, he worked on Windows' Server and Tools and Cloud and Enterprise divisions, which involved different languages, methodologies and challenges. Russo dos Santos has extensive industry experience, working at Cisco, Workday, Meta (Facebook), Amazon and Block (Square), expanding his skill set to hardware, firmware and multimedia localization. He is a certified project management professional passionate about localization; he truly believes that one's native language should not be a barrier to accessing information or technology, and he's made it his life's work.

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